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Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering
Sl.No Faculty name Designation Research expertise
1 Dr. Shantanu Saha Sr. Asst. Professor Electronic Devices
2 Dr. Gajendra SharmaSr. Asst. Professor Speech / Signal Processing
3 Dr. D. Shanmuga sundar Sr. Asst. Professor Electronic Materials
4 Mr. G. PrasannaAssistant Professor Electronic Instrumentsal Devices, Superhydrophobic
and Superhydrophilic surfaces, Water Harvesting Polymers)
5 Dr. J. N. SwaminathanSr. Asst. Professor Image Processing
Department of Computer Science & Engineering
Sl.No Faculty name Designation Research expertise
1 Dr. Baranidharan.B Sr. Asst. Professor IOT
2 Dr. V. Thiruppathy KesavanSr. Asst. Professor Network Security
3 Dr. N. Mohan Krishna Varma Sr. Asst. Professor Cloud Computing
Department of Chemistry
Sl.No Faculty name Designation Research expertise
1 Dr. Logudurai R Assistant Professor & Head 1. Synthesis of porous nanomaterials,
2. Carbon based materials,
3. Electrodeposition
2 Dr. Balaji RAssistant Professor 1. Sensors,
2. Energy Materials,
3. Datamining,
4. Computational Modelling
3 Dr. Seeni Meera K Assistant Professor 1. Nanoporous silica materials (aerogels and nanoparticles)
2. Biopolymeric aerogels and microbeads (Cellulose and Chitosan based)
3. Vegetable oil based Polyurethane nanocomposites
4. Synthesis and Characterization of Gels (nanotube and ionic liquid based)
5. Heavy Metal ion removal using magnetic beads
4 Dr. Arunbabu DAssistant Professor 1. Macromolecular Engineering (Controlled/Living Radical Polymerization, Photopolymerization, Emulsion Polymerization Click polymers)
2. Macromolecular Materials (Self-healing polymers, Macromolecular Self-Assembly, Flexible Electronics, Enzyme storage Materials)
3. Polymeric Nanomaterials (Silver impregnated filters/hydrogels for Antibacterial water treatment, Photonic Crystal Devices, Superhydrophobic and Superhydrophilic surfaces, Water Harvesting Polymers)
Department of Physics
Sl.No Faculty name Designation Research expertise
1 Dr. S. Victor VedanayakamAssistant Professor Material Science, Thin Films, 1/f Noise Phenomenon and Modeling & Simulation of Solar Cell
2 Dr. N. Nanda Kumar ReddyAssistant ProfessorMaterial Science, Semiconductor Device Processing
3 Dr. Virendra Kumar VermaAssistant Professor Spintronics, Dilute Magnetic Semiconductor, Multiferroic Materials
4 Dr. B. Jagadeesh Babu Assistant ProfessorThin Films for Solar Cell & Photocatalytic Application
5 Dr. K. Upendra Assistant Professor Nanomaterials, Spectroscopy
6 Dr. K. Kamakshi Assistant Professor Plasmonic and Fibre Optics
Department of English
Sl.No Faculty name Designation Research expertise
1 Dr. Rasheeda Begum Assistant Professor American Literature
2Dr. S.Shanmuga Priya Assistant ProfessorCommonwealth Literature
3Dr. Parul Saxena Assistant Professor Cultural Studies
4Dr. Lakshmi Devi Assistant Professor American Literature
5Dr. Rushula Devi Assistant Professor American Literature
6Mr. Livingston Assistant ProfessorELT
Department of Mathematics
Sl.No Faculty name Designation Research expertise
1Dr. Shukla Vidya Prasad ProfessorEnvironmental Modeling, Numerical Modeling, Stochastic Modeling of Dynamic systems, Fluid Dynamics, Machine Learning, Image processing, cellular automata
2Dr. V. Rama Chandra Prasad Professor Fluid Dynamics
3Dr. M. Sudhakar Reddy Assistant Professor Magneto-hydrodynamics, Fluid Mechanics
4Dr. A. Subba Rao Assistant Professor Magneto-hydrodynamics, Fluid Dynamics
5Dr. N. Nagendra Assistant ProfessorMagneto-hydrodynamics, Fluid Dynamics
6Dr. P. Ramesh Reddy Assistant Professor Spatio-temporal Stochastic Modeling, Multivarate Regression, Fluid Dynamics
7Dr. R. Saravana Assistant Professor Bio-Fluid Dynamics
8Dr. B. Venkateswarlu Assistant Professor Fluid Dynamics
9Dr. S. Gouse Mohiddin Assistant Professor Fluid Dynamics
10Dr.P. Devaki Assistant Professor Bio-Fluid Dynamics
11Dr. KVN. Murthy Assistant Professor Spatio-temporal Stochastic Modeling of Dynamic systems, Multivarate Regression
12Dr. P. Rajendra Assistant ProfessorMachine Learning, Deep learning (Electrolytic solution)
Department of Management Studies
Sl.No Faculty name Designation Research expertise
1Dr. R. Varadarajan Assoc Professor Supply Chain Management & Finance
2Dr. Rajiv Ranjan Sr. Assistant ProfessorStrategy, Innovation & Public policy
3Dr. U. Raghavendra Prasad Assistant Professor Finance & Marketing
4Dr. R. Varaprasad Assistant ProfessorMarketing & HR
5Dr. A. Kranthi Kumar Assistant Professor HR & OB
Department of Civil Engineering
Sl.No Faculty name Designation Research expertise
1Dr.T.Meenambal ProfessorEnvironmental Engineering
2Dr.N.Balasubramanian Professor Environmental Engineering with practical knowledge
Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering
Sl.No Faculty name Designation Research expertise
1Dr.R.Rajkamal Assoc. ProfessorEmbedded system technologies
2Dr.N.PrabaharanSr Assistant Professor Power converters, multilevel inverters, control techniques for grid connected renewable energy sources
3MR.M.Kishore Assistant Professor Power Electronics
Department of Computer Applications
Specialization Members
Data Mining Data Warehousing Dr.S.V.S.Ganga Devi
Dr.N.Naveen Kumar
Software Engineering Dr.P.Velayutham
Mr.Altaf Ali
Computer Networks & Network Security Dr.V.L.Pavani
Cloud Infrastructure Services Dr.C.Vijayakumar
Dr.S.V.S.Ganga Devi
Image Processing Dr.S.V.S.Ganga Devi
E-Learning Dr.R.Parthiban

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